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Connecting, Correcting, and Protecting: Texas Native Tribes Work to Honor Their Past and Build a New Future
Descendants of the Karankawa, who once thrived on the Texas Gulf Coast, are working to reconnect with one another, restore their heritage, and protect Texas’ shorelines.

Health care workers caring for COVID-19 patient
School of Public Health grad helps develop new device for COVID-19 patients
Texas A&M University School of Public Health graduate helps develop new device for protecting health care workers from COVID-19 and provide patients with treatment options.

Age map of Greenland Ice Sheet
NASA Data Peers into Greenland’s Ice Sheet
Scientists using ice-penetrating radar data collected by NASA’s Operation IceBridge and earlier airborne campaigns have built the first-ever comprehensive map of layers deep inside the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Subglacial Lakes Seen Refilling in Greenland
Scientists using satellite images and data from NASA’s Operation IceBridge have found evidence of a drained and refilled subglacial lake beneath northeastern Greenland’s Flade Ice Cap. This sub-ice body of water is only one of a handful that have been detected in Greenland and its presence sheds new light on how the Greenland Ice Sheet reacts to warming temperatures.

Airborne Radar Looking Through Thick Ice During NASA Polar Campaigns
The bedrock hidden beneath the thick ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica has intrigued researchers for years. Scientists are interested in how the shape of this hidden terrain affects how ice moves — a key factor in making predictions about the future of these massive ice reservoirs and their contribution to sea level rise in a changing climate.

NASA’s IceBridge Mission Contributes to New Map of Antarctica
Researchers using data from a wide array of sources, including ice-penetrating radar data from IceBridge, built a new map of Antarctica’s bedrock, seeing what lies beneath the frozen continent’s ice.

P-3 on ice
NASA Pilots Train for Antarctic Flying
NASA pilots take a detour on the way to Antarctica: a trip to Florida to spend time practicing landing a plane on ice in a simulator.

Embedded Educators: Teacher Research Experience in Greenland with Operation IceBridge
NASA provided teachers from the United States, Denmark and Greenland with a unique research experience, flying low over Greenland glaciers.

Acidic Seas: How Carbon Dioxide is Changing the Oceans
Article in the American Chemical Society’s ChemMatters magazine on the basics of ocean acidification.

Building a Better Fuel Cell
Joint effort between researchers in the U.S. and Mexico to develop more durable, more effective, and less expensive fuel cell catalysts.

Swarmlike collective behavior in bicycling

Orcasound: A citizen science tool for whale research

Plot Points: A Study Demonstrates a New Recurrence-Based Method that Mimics Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test

Exploding Waves form Colliding Dissipative Pulses

earth magazine

Icebergs Fertilize the Southern Ocean (Earth magazine – August 2011)

Blog posts

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the DC-8 in the final stages of prep for its first flight
Keeping IceBridge Flying

Scientific Snapshots: Using IceBridge Data in the Field

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Texas A&M Plant Pathology Newsletter — Fall 2010

spring newsletter
Texas A&M Plant Pathology Newsletter — Spring 2011

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